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0001 Debugging Modules after 2.6.3
0002 -----------------------------
0004 In almost all distributions, the kernel asks for modules which don't
0005 exist, such as "net-pf-10" or whatever.  Changing "modprobe -q" to
0006 "succeed" in this case is hacky and breaks some setups, and also we
0007 want to know if it failed for the fallback code for old aliases in
0008 fs/char_dev.c, for example.
0010 In the past a debugging message which would fill people's logs was
0011 emitted.  This debugging message has been removed.  The correct way
0012 of debugging module problems is something like this:
0014 echo '#! /bin/sh' > /tmp/modprobe
0015 echo 'echo "$@" >> /tmp/modprobe.log' >> /tmp/modprobe
0016 echo 'exec /sbin/modprobe "$@"' >> /tmp/modprobe
0017 chmod a+x /tmp/modprobe
0018 echo /tmp/modprobe > /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe
0020 Note that the above applies only when the *kernel* is requesting
0021 that the module be loaded -- it won't have any effect if that module
0022 is being loaded explicitly using "modprobe" from userspace.